Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Purple Bracelet and Fun Earrings

Will someone please tell me the secret to photographing purple?  Sometimes I can do it and most times it comes out blue.  I *finally* got this bracelet to photograph its true color.  After about 5 days of trying.  :(  I used Swarovski tanzanite crystals.  I think it came out cool.  ;D  I wish the sparkling would photograph better, too.  I'm so demanding, no?  :D
Then I made these earrings.  I bought these lucite flowers from Nicole's Bead Backing and wondered why.  Then I made these earrings and they are just too cute.  I love them.  ;)
This pair are some brass filigree components I had that found themselves the recipient of Christi's Swellegants.  ;D  A few Swarovski crystals, my custom ear hooks and poof!  Cool earrings!


ColsCreations said...

I wish I knew. I also have have found that purple seems to be impossible to photograph and get true colors, But the bracelet is delightful and the filigree earrings are gorgeous.

Pam said...

Tanzanite is color changing anyway, so don't worry about it.

Melobeau said...

Purple just must be one of those colors that's hard to photograph. I think I remember you are using Ott lights, so that shouldn't be part of the problem, as I've found that photographing in neutral white light does seem to make a difference. Anyhow, the bracelet is lovely, even if you're not happy about the way the color in the photo came out. I especially like your Swellegant filigree cum Swarovski and your custom hook earrings. Super.

Melobeau said...

I'm dropping by again to test out a computer setting, so I thought I'd say hi anyhow and get a chance to re-visit your Swellegant filigrees again.

MoeArt said...

Thanks everybody! I'm loving that these photos are true color. Never happen again, I'm sure. :)

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