Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

A salute to all our military on this day of remembrance. .  Every single one from the vets of long ago wars to the the current kids off in terrible places making sure we are free.  That's every single one of them.  From the potato peelers to the guy lugging a bazooka.

In 1991 they had a 50th reunion of Peal Harbor.  There were lots of vets in town. I was working in Waikiki when I spotted a man in his Pearl Harbor cap.  I went over to him and told him, thank you!  He wanted to know why I was thanking him.  So, I said, it's because you you that I didn't have to grow up speaking German or Japanese in my own country.  He said, aw, I was just a cook.  So I gave him a hug and told him that there would have been no fighting men if they didn't get fed.  Before my eyes the years fell away and that little old guy stood up straight, puffed out his chest and let tears fall down his face.

So, to all you vets, of any war, I salute you and thank you.  Don't let the current "culture" of "let's hate the military" get to you.  REAL Americans think you're the BEST!  We honor you and the flag you serve under.


pammie said...

Well said, Moe.

Melobeau said...

Yes, I agree with Pammie, well said, Moe. What a lovely story. You made that gentleman's day. I try to say thank you every time I spot a military or ex-military wearing a vets cap.

MoeArt said...

That's good, Anita. Our vets have taken way too much crap from people who think it's "cool" to stand around hating them and never stop to think it's because of our military that those idiots get to mouth off in public.