Saturday, April 24, 2010

Alaska and Aliens

Now, as a respite from awful plumbing things, I went to my Alaskan clay pal Melissa's site( look over there>>>>>> she is Butterscotch Grove) and bought the cutest little alien necklace.  Maybe it will ward off any more terrible disasters.  Here is a picture of it with my favorite magnet my Hunnibunni bought me years ago.

In my package from Mel is this cool stand which The Bruce immediately appropriated.  He took one look at it and took over.  Here he is deciding if he'll fit on it then giving it a big smooch because now HE has a better stand than Bhaltair. Have I mentioned what a PILL The Bruce is?  You can see the little pill smirking.  :D


Melissa said...

Oh my goodness! I am so glad The Bruce likes his new stand! I KNEW it was not meant to be a pendant the moment I realized that it was too huge for anyone sane. But I didn't know what it WAS meant to be. You found the perfect use for it. :-)

Feel free to "regift" the fuzzy barrette. I think that was meant to be a Chinese auction prize.

MoeArt said...

Well, it would have been ok if you are a wine taster. :) The Bruce loves it. He is sitting on it as we speak.

And thanks. Being the hair challenged girl that I am, a bobby pin won't even stay in my hair. I am going to give it to my friend for her grand daughter who is the same age as Girl. :)