Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Fun Craft Fair

Well, it's come and gone, again. My home craft fair, that is. And it was fabulous! Every year it surpasses all my expectations and this year was no exception. I urge all of you who think, for whatever reason, that you can't have a home fair...DO IT! It's so much fun and people love coming to your home where they won't be run over by baby strollers or can't find parking or it's freezing or WAY too muddy or any of the millions of reasons that wreck fairs. I had several friends tell me it was such a treat to be able to do their Christmas shopping and sit down to look at things, etc.

So, whatever your reason for not trying it... do it anyway! It's well worth it! :D Pee, this means YOU! Don't wanna hear about dogs. :)


ColsCreations said...


Mary Lamoray said...

Very happy for you Moe! I would love to do it myself but a tiny 30ft. boat just doesn't cut it, oh well :)

MoeArt said...

Thanks! SURE you can have a fair at your boat! Maybe not on your boat but how about on the wharf? We don't want you sinking. :)