Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Brat Kitties of the Universe

Well, it's been a while since I took pictures of the little brats. Here they are, outside after a big rain. Ipo, you all know already. Allie is somewhat camera shy so I was really happy to see our little sweetie girl looking so adorable. She IS adorable. Well, Ipo is, too. Mostly. Sometimes. ;D

And speaking of the big rain, this little garden is filled with red torch ginger. It's right outside our door and in between the hallway to our door and the parking garage. It had rained really hard an the leaves were filled with droplets that looked like huge piles of diamonds with the sunlight sparkling off them. It was so gorgeous. I was trying hard to capture the sparkling effect but it didn't work. I guess I would have had to go right up to the leaf. Anyway, even though you can't see the gorgeous diamonds, it's still a lovely sight, don't you think? And those kitties are pretty cute, too. Prejudiced? ME???? :D


FloRaeMe said...

Are there not many predators for cats in Hawaii then? Lucky kitties if so!

Anonymous said...

These kittens are sooooo well behaved. And that plant outside is just gorgeous... it is hard to fathom that you are sitting there in the brilliant sunshine while we dug out our coats and the first snow is on the mountains.

Glad to see you have been claying a lot ! hugs

MoeArt said...

Hi Flo, there are predators so we don't let them out other than the hallway. Lots of disease and stuff outdoors but they seem happy to explore the hall daily. ;) Thanks for stopping by!

MoeArt said...

Hey ZapKath! :) I wish I could have gotten a picture of the water beaded up on the torch ginger leaves. It was just gorgeous!

Yep, lots of sunshine here. I am thinking about you in the snow. Brrrrrrrr.

FloRaeMe said...

Cats over here (UK) have 2 main predators: cars and people (those who decide they don't like cats and poisen them, which happens now and then). Needless to say we only let our cats outside with supervision!

moeart said...

Yep, same here, Flo. Our kitties can't go out by themselves. They don't seem to mind tho. I always think animals should be out doors but in this world, it's just too scary for them. People and cars and all those diseases. I'm glad you have kitties, too. :D