Monday, September 21, 2009

The Bruce and Stencils

Well, Saturday night we were invited over to our friend Pat's home for dinner. Pat owns Morag another of the infamous Wee Cows. Go over there>>>>>> to click on the Wee Highland Cow site. As most of you know I own The Bruce and Bhaltair. Now, The Bruce is a total pill. He has a less than charming personality most of the time and all he wants to do is eat and drink. Hmmm, maybe he's not such a pill after all. :D

Anyway, we took The Bruce and Bhaltair on an outing to Pat's so they could see their Wee Cousin Morag. Bhaltair and Morag were perfectly congenial. The Bruce got a snootfull of wine but, for the most part, he was pretty good. Although, I am almost certain it is The Bruce to blame for "The Hot Pepper Incident".

Pat made arrabiatta which I probably have spelled wrong here. :( No matter how I spell it, it doesn't look right. Oh well. Hot red sauce.

Her DH Brian made a dandy dressing for the Greek salad. We were munching away when I decided to put more hot pepper flakes on my sauce. Pat makes it more mild as our collective Brians are hot food wusses. Pat and I like hot. :D So, I unscrew the jar and about 8 tablespoons of hot pepper flakes make a lovely arc onto my food. Oops. I scrape some off, share with Pat and eat the rest. VERY spicy. Yum. I know this incident is The Bruce's fault as he was sitting there laughing at me. Pat was sitting there wiping the sweat off her face. Was exceedingly funny as hot food doesn't do that to me at all. I have NO idea why.

Methinks Pat and the 2 Brians think it was because The Bruce had a wee bit too much wine. Naaaah. Never happen! Anyway, I just finished off the leftovers and The Bruce didn't get any! :D

I also found my stencils in a nice safe place. :( So, I got out the Japanese plum blossom (I think) design and stenciled this shirt. Ipo likes it. It's making me all happy that the stencil cream can be washed and dried! I followed Kathi's directions and heat set it with my iron then I tossed the shirt in the washer and dryer and all is perfect! Yay! Look for shirts on my Etsy soon!
Hmmm, Blogger is not letting me post pictures. :( I will try later. Bummer. THERE we go! It worked!


Anonymous said...

Hold your horses !!! I got distracted by my declutter crisis and completely forgot about putting the wee cow pics on the website... jeez... slave driver !

working on it as we "speak"


MoeArt said...

It's my job to send people to visit the Wee Cows! :D