Monday, July 27, 2009

Premio Meme Awards

Now, I got this cool award from Cindi at clayitagain over there>>>>>>>. I accept and mahalo nui loa! To be worthy a recipient must tell 7 things about themselves. Hah. This will be fun. :D And We have to pass on the award to 7 more people. Cindi says she doesn't know where the name of the award came from. She dutifully Googled all the words. Heh, heh. *I* think it means.... Premio= premium. Meme= ME, ME! :D So, without further ado, here are the 7 things. And 7 terrific people whose blogs you should go peruse, ok?
1) I have the best Hunnibunni in the universe. And 2 kitties who are pretty good, too.
2) I once kicked over a Hell's Angle's motorcycle (more on this one fine blog day)
3) I came to Hawaii 31 years ago on a whim.
4) I have WAY more friends than I deserve.
5) Besides claying I love to quill, read and sew, occasionally.
6) I think the major food groups are wine, vegetables, Quorn and wine.
7) I once yelled at a sniper who was shooting at me (more on this one fine blog day).

And now...taaah daaaah! Supe dooper pals, great artists and just...the coolest people!
1) Ginger A VERY cool pal who makes grand clay goodies AND organic soaps and candles.
2) Kathi Another very cool pal who makes outrageously fun stuff from clay, metal and glass.
3) Col My exceedingly cool niece ( I am NOT prejudiced!) well, ok, I am, but she is Talented!!! ...
4) Karin WHY do I know all these grand people? Karin makes miniatures. I have NO idea how she does it... go look!
5) Dawn A super duper person who makes beautiful beaded goodies and doggie snacks... not necessarily in the same project, tho.
6) Chris my wee Scottish pal who made...THE BRUCE! She does marvelous things with copper and clay and makes the world's most adorable wee cows!
7) Tonja Yep, this is our very own Tonja of THE Basement. Tonja has this exceedingly large supply of every single thing on the planet in her basement. Really.
So, please go visit everyone's blogs. These are grand folks with more talent than you can imagine. Go on... go look! xoxo, :D


Tonja Lenderman said...

Thanks a bunch for thinking of me. :) I didn't see an image to represent the award so I made one. Hope it doesn't offend the original award creator.

MoeArt said...

So... where is it? I wanna see! You're going to make me a clay award, right? :D

Did you get Schatzi yet? :D

Caly's Jewelry Creations said...

Thanks for thinking of me Moe..!!! I miss you bunches...!!! ((hugs))

MoeArt said...

I think of you lots, you little sweetie! xoxoxo

are you making doggie treats this year for Christmas?