Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Last Straw

Ok, I've had it.  As you all know, fron reading the last few days, we have everything on hold until 2 things happen.  One, a miracle occurs and pipe fitters arrive.  Can we say FAT CHANCE? And, two, the arrival of the faucet to replace the possessed one.

Yesterday the guy arrives at our door with a heavy envelope.  Hunnibunni says, It's our new faucet!  Hooray!  Something has finally gone right!  HAH!  :(  I tear open the package and...WHAT IS THIS HOLE???  There is a HOLE in the faucet!  Price Pfister's doofs have sent us the wrong faucet.  Yep.  The wrong faucet.  They sent us a SINK faucet.  The hole is where the pull up thingy goes. You know?  To open and close a SINK drain?  Man.  I don'y know whether to laugh or cry.  I need a TUB faucet.  Sigh.  I hear my wine shouting already.

I toddle off and call Steve the plumbing guru.  He says, oh no, Maureen!  They sent you the wrong faucet.  Ya think?  :(  So I ask him, Oh Favoritest Plumbing Guru, what should we do?  He asks how the possessed one has been acting.  It's been perfect so Steve says, go ahead and use that one then.  He will call Monday to give a date when Marc can return with our new toilet.  No, I don't EVEN want to think what can go wrong with that.  Let's just pretend all will be well, ok?

I head to the fridge.  I am not messing around any more.  I want my wine!  Been a tough week, yanno?  :D


Kathi said...

holy sheet, what the hell did you do to piss off Karma? huggles from afar.

Melobeau said...

oh (((Moe)) ARG! I'm with Kathy. Hang in there, dear one. That bathroom karma just has got to change soon.

MoeArt said...

I don't know, Ipo. I have been a good girl. Must be past life baggage. :(

MoeArt said...

Yep, Anita, we have heck with it and full speed ahead! Tomorrow I call Ricky and tell him...come seal up that possessed sucker! But.... in its defense.... it's been perfect for days. :)