Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Faux Cinnabar

Don't you just love cinnabar?  That toxic mercury laden gorgeous stuff?  Well, thank God for polymer clay and it's ability to mimic just about anything.  I have been messing with faux cinnabar.  Here are some pictures of things I made.  Rats, I have another cool focal but I don't seem to have a picture.  Sigh.....  I guess I better go take one as all the cinnabar stuff is going into my shops for sale.  Well, not the pen.  That's going to Russell.  :D

The pen is for my good pal in Buffalo.  I'm overjoyed at how it came out.  And thrilled with the beads, too!  What do you think?  And isn't this fat "cigar" pen JUST the thing for men?  I love it!


Melobeau said...

Your cinnabar is just terrific!!! It looks like carved REAL cinnabar. The pen is exceptionally gorgeous. Sy just happened by and I showed all of it to him and he said, "WOW, she's good!"
Yup, the man has good TASTE.

Cara Jane (surfingcat) said...

It does look great!

Gayle said...

Great work Moe, glad to see you haven't had anymore disasters and are able to enjoy yourself :)

MoeArt said...

Sure he has good taste! He's got you! :D Thanks, Anita... and Sy. Now you'll have to make Sy a Man Pen. :)

MoeArt said...

Thanks a bunch Surfing Cat. :D

MoeArt said...

Shhhh, Gayle. Disasters are creeping up! ur brand new toilet is possessed, too. :) I kind of lost my sense of humor for a while. Maybe soon I'll be able to wrote a funny story. Or just stay in my clay room and not come out. :D

CIndy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

Just gorgeous Moe! Love the pen. It's very manly!

MoeArt said...

Thanks, Cindy! I just emailed Russell and told him to come look. ::::drum roll::::: :D

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