Tuesday, June 23, 2009

More Kitty Pictures and Fun Stuff From Friends

Our kitties are just so cute. I don't know how they do it... they just keep being cute. So, here are pictures I took today. And some cool stuff from Chris, in Scotland and Gilly, in Australia. Isn't the internet great? :D Chris made this really cool "Ocean" pendant. It had a hole which I made bigger. I just happened to have this beautiful crystal rhinestone and some resin. As Chris would say... "Et voila!" Came out super, didn't it? And funny how that silk ribbon was the perfect color! Hee. I just know Chris wants it back now. NOOOOO!!!! :D

Then Gilly, in Australia, sent me this cool Aussie Opal pendant. I love this! It didn't have any way to hang it, though. So I took some black Art Wire and wrapped it so I could wear it. A little wire, a little Fimo gloss.... perfect! Thanks, Mate! :D

And the raspberry heart I made from the resin that was left over from those big hoops in another post here. I embellished it with wire wrapping and fun beads and I love how it came out!


AlmondJoy said...

Love the heart!

MoeArt said...

Thanks! Me, too. :D