Monday, June 8, 2009

Fixing The Watch

Ok, here is the new version of the watch. I could NOT fasten it by myself. Poor Brian had to do it for me. He said I should put a note on my Etsy and Art Fire that said... "Gentleman Not Included" so people would know they had to get their own help to fasten it. :D So, I changed it to a stretchy bracelet type. Now I can put my own watch on!

And here is my faux pearl necklace. It took me hours of brain damage to figure out how to do this. I am happy with it. :D


2 Good Claymates said...

The pearl necklace is lovely! Pearls are my all time favorite bead!

MoeArt said...

Thanks, Caro! They are probably my least favorite. I like looking at them but for some reason I don't wear them. Has to be a personal problem as most people love pearls. :D