Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Dragons and Other Stuff

Well, I just love dragons. So, upon occasion, I make them. Here is one I made a while ago but still love. Cutest little face you ever saw! And here is a cool set I made with polymer clay and brass. And then... here is this blue and yellow. Did you ever have this idea that you would make this particular thing? So... you toddle off and make it. I did this with this (now) pendant. I love texture, I love yellow and I love big jewelry. Ok, I think... I will make a really cool big fat focal for a bracelet.

I does. I makes this focal. 2 holes and everything. I used really pretty PearlEx and 2 textures. I'm happy. So, I Spend days wire wrapping the sucker. It is all done and I have the best bracelet ever. Sure. The flipping wire it too soft. (notice how it is the WIRE'S fault?) So, I have this great bracelet that I can't wear. Sigh..... what good is this, she asks? None. :(

So, I Put the focal aside thinking one day I will find just the right beads. Barring that, I will make just the right beads. One fine day I am perusing the Pure Beads site. And what do I see? Blue beads with a metallic yellow coating. Yay! They should be perfect! I run off and email Caleb to order. The beads come and guess what? They match! OMG. Does life get any better? So, here is the end result. :D As always... the real thing is way prettier than the photograph!


Kathi said...

nice work there Moe. I am seeing a string of blueness in your work these days. wassup with that? *g*

MoeArt said...

I have no idea. Senile dementia, methinks. :(

Chris said...

Cool dragon. Fierce, yet adorable.