Friday, June 26, 2009

Wine And Garlic

Or, as my friend Pat calls it... Garlic and Vin. Hmmm, I seem to have lots of friends who love wine and garlic. Ok, I got sidetracked... wow, something new. :(

So, tonight we are going to our friend's home for dindin. They are lovely people and lots of fun. They also have this terrific... chandelier? light? hanging thing that gives off luminous rays. It is in a recessed portion of their ceiling. They call it, "The Garlic" . Why? you might ask? Well, they call it that because it looks like a giant mutated garlic! Really. It looks like 3 heads/bulbs of garlic hanging from their ceiling. It's a scream. It is also HUGE!

This appears to be a giant change of subject but it all ties in. I promise. :) I ordered some cool goodies from Boston Clay Works. Great place! One of the things I ordered were some wine stoppers. So, they came and I couldn't wait to clay them. I did this and one came out looking exactly like The Garlic! YeeHAH! What a perfect Hostess Present, no? I just can't wait to present The Garlic for The Garlic. They will laugh and we will enjoy it whilst we imbibe our "fruit of the vine". See? Wine and vin! The only problem I see is this: just exactly WHO has left over wine? And, more importantly, WHY? :D

The orange stopper is the one that looks like The Garlic... even though their light is ...well... garlic colored.


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