Sunday, May 24, 2009

Putting Off Cleaning

So, we are having some friends over for dinner tonight. Cook? ME? We are all familiar with the term "Fat Chance!", right? So, we toddled off to Whole Foods. Or, as we call it, "Whole Paychecks". It's kind of hard to realize there is a bad recession happening when you go into a place that charges $8.00 for lettuce and find dozens of people shopping, isnt it? Anyway, we gave WF our hard earned savings and drove home with our dinner for tonight. Here in Hawaii, when you have people over and you're not really having a meal but still offer lots of food, you call it, "heavy pupus". That's what we're doing. WAY easier than a meal... meal. So.....

We have these kitties, as you all know. Allie and Ipo. The two of them can make enough fur overnight for full sized duplicate kitties... daily. I decide I ought to Swiffer up before our guests get here. They have cats so they might not even notice but still... it's only right and proper. I get out the Swiffer which immediately sends the cats into a frenzy. They think that something evil is about to happen to them. I think, we'll as long as they think that, let's cut their nails. Ok, I catch Ipo and we cut her nails. Aliie has done her vanishing act. This involves knocking over several boxes of my jewelry that was sitting out because I has an impromptu "fair" yesterday. Allie finally reappears and I catch her and we cut her nails.

It seems that when cats are displeased, they shed as much fur as they can without being bald. I now have to re-swiffer. See? I made a new word. Now I have clean floors. So, I decide to put away my jewelry. Cat hair by the ton in the bottom of the wicker chest I keep it in. HOW did this happen? I just wiped it out with a wet towel! A wet Sham Wow. I'm telling you that everything New York Vince tells you is true. I am still using the same Sham Wow that we bought about 7 years ago. How cool is that? I get distracted easily, as you can see. :D Mine is so old it still reads, "Made in West Germany."

You wanna know the coolest thing, tho? On TV the commercial tells you it's not sold in stores. Not true! What they mean is, it's not sold in stores UNDER THAT NAME. I forget the name of Sham Wows in stores but all you need to do is look for the orange color, if it says 100% rayon and "made in Germany". They are probably out of the old almost a Communist ones by now. Great product, tho!

Anyway, now that I am through discussing someone else's products, I have to go Swiffer again, most likely. I'm sure Ipo and Allie have left plenty of fur for me.

But, before I go... look at my Starry Night pendant. I don't know how the stars are going to look in this picture but it's really cool. It looks like orange flowers blooming in a sky full of stars.

Have a nice long weekend, everyone! :D


AlmondJoy said...

>> Here in Hawaii, when you have people over and you're not really having a meal but still offer lots of food, you call it, "heavy pupus".

We're friends with a couple who like to cook and they always offer us huge amounts of food, but not meal-meals, when we hang out at their place. "heavy pupus" describes it perfectly.

What a useful term, I like it.
But how do you use it? "Stop by later, we're having heavy pupus"? "We went to Moe & B's last night and they had some great heavy pupus"?

Kathi said...

Ipo, that Starry night turned out awesome! Is that the flower cane you made?

I am off for some heavy pupus

MoeArt said...

Almost. Usually, it's more... come over for grinds...heavy pupus. That tells people it's not "formal" and to come in shirts. :)

MoeArt said...

No, the flower was Seana's. I wish I could make something like that! Not in a zillion years. :( The background didn't show up as well as I wished. It's really pretty. And mahalo! How were your pupus? Ono? :D

MoeArt said...

Ummm... not "shirts" but shorts! :D