Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Pen

So, you see those two blends a couple posts below? Well, I took the pink to purple one and made this pen. Came out nice, no? I like it. The first pen I made was a study in violence. I had to get out my mallet and whack it into submission to get all the parts together. My poor friend who got it will never be able to refill it. :( This one went together MUCH easier and when I sell it, it will actually come apart to accept a refill. I have one more set of pen guts to go. :D Now, I had NO idea people till bought pens. Really. I thought this was the electronic age and people didn't buy pens. SUCH a shock to find out I was wrong. I guess they are the perfect gift for men. My pal in Buffalo just loves his. :D


Kathi said...

that blend looks awesome on the pen Ipo!

MoeArt said...