Saturday, June 14, 2008


Now, here is a fun thing.  I bought a new tool for quilling.  I have grand ideas that I will get back into quilling after a VERY long hiatus.  So, I thought if I clayed the handle I would get all excited about quilling again.  We will see.  

But the fun thing is I grated some crayons and put them in the translucent clay.  For the earrings, I folded the crayons inside two layers which gives kind of a Monet look.  The clay on the handle is the crayons sprinkled over the trans then run through the pasta machine.  If any of you decide to do the crayon thing, bake your creation on a file folder because I am here to say that crayons are just full of wax or grease or something.  And it melts all over the place.  I baked mine on a file folder and it worked great.  Of course I had to dump said file folder because it looked like someone had eaten french fries on it.  :D


Ronalyn said...

Thanks for this post..I have a huge box of crayons so I'm going to have some fun with your technique.

MoeArt said...

Hi Ronlyn,
You'll have lots of fun. Just watch out if you are planning on beads. The crayon doesn't stick to itself and I had a couple beads that I had to re-smoosh a few times before they stopped cracking in half. I hope you'll post your fun things you make! Thansk a bunch for reading my blog and commenting! :D