Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Buncha Beads!

Hi Everyone!  I have been sooooo bad.  I was making goodies and not writing on my blog.  But, I made a whole bunch of beads that I put on Etsy.  And, along with that, Wee Cow Morag came to our home for a wee reunion with her brothers.  As always, they drank too much.  I don't know what it is with these wee cows!  Couldn't POSSIBLY be moi, could it?  Nah, I didn't think so.  So, I will post a picture of my Buncha Beads Bowl and The infamous Bruce discovering champagne.  He actually was persuaded to share with Bhaltair and Morag.  In case you are wondering, those yummy balls are falafel.  YUM!

And, in case you want your own Wee Lush, I mean.... Wee Highland Cow, please go to  Also, check out Kathi's really cool chunky bracelet.  She's hiding out at Dragonsglass>>> (so you can see on my list where to click)  and look at Elaine's fab canes! She is tooaquarius>>>>  Being a die hard Aquarius... I ask, just HOW can you be Too Aquarius?  Hmmmmm? Can't happen.  Mega hugs to all Aquarians!  Ok, ok, all you other signs, too., not going there....  :D

I haven't taken pictures yet but I made some really nice earrings with her canes.  Oh my, and Kathi's canes, and Seana's canes, and Chris's canes..... I KNOW I forgot someone.  Oiks!  No, no, no... Ginger is chasing me... quick!  Go look at Ginger's sites.  Yep, plural.  The girl can't stop with clay and soap.  Now she has candles, too.  Soon Ginger will need a WWW all to herself.  So go check out the Famous Gingerbell>>>>>>

I'm outta here.  I have a client.  ANd I have to go make black and white cane earrings.  Heh, heh.


tooaquarius said...

aww, you say such nice things :D

And the toooooo aquarius was someone elses take on my usual handle of 2Aquarius (based off February, 2nd month of aquarius) and because yahoo did not let me register a name starting with a number. Stupid thing.

But I liked it and used it everywhere now. Go figure.

Kathi said...

jebus, you have a whole herd now. I am thinking you are gonna be head deep in bull*(&! soon. Oh are full of it already :D

three Moe? they are going to turn you into a lush!