Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Computer Dinosaur

Well, I was just perusing Blogspot's updates and I am here to tell you JUST how relieved I am to know that my atom feeds are improved.  I didn't even know they were hungry!   Come on now... how many of you REALLY knew your atom feeds were hungry? SEE?  It's not only me. Well, maybe it is.  It's tough being a computer dinosaur.  I work hard at it.  Matter of fact, I do believe I will be a computer trilobite.  They are WAY older than these upstart dinosaurs.  :D

So, it has been pretty quiet around here.  Hmmm, I lied.  It hasn't been quiet at all.  All kinds of people moved in with the old folks next door.  Actually, I think there are about 30 people in there.  All of them shouting at the top of their lungs in Tagalog.  All of them well over 60.  It's actually like being in a train station.  I have no idea who is really supposed to be the renter.  

And the people who were supposed to move into the end unit?  The owner waited until they had actually brought their truck full of furniture to the door before informing them that she had changed her mind and they couldn't move in.  I smell a giant huge Tyrannosaurus Rex-sized lawsuit coming.  I have dinosaurs on the brain.

And speaking of brains, my kitty Ipo needs a frontal lobotomy.  Ok, here is the cute cute kitty with this nice thick fur coat.  She lives in Hawaii where it is 87 degrees outside.  Where is she happily snoozing?  Yep, on top of the hot dryer.  Now, If I forced her to sleep there I'd get convicted of animal cruelty and thrown in the clink for 2 thousand years.  You'd think she was a cold blooded.... dinosaur!  Sorry.  

I'm going away to my clay table now.  I love Elaine's clay fabric so I am going to steal her idea and try it.  Go look at her clay fabric goodies.  Just gorgeous!  Perhaps I will make a clay fabric dinosaur!  :D


tooaquarius said...

You're silly! I made others of these years ago in my pre-Moe days. You can see them here:


MoeArt said...

Hah! I am going to stop talking to you. Twice in as many hours you told me I was silly. And another thing... you have "Pre-Moe" days? NOW who is silly! Hah! :D :D :D

tooaquarius said...

You have really cute cats though. And I fully cop to being silly! Oh yes.

MoeArt said...

Hee, I do have cute cats. And I am glad you're silly. The world needs a serious infusion of silly. :D

Kathi said...

Sheesh I disappear for a couple daze to take care of some bidness and you become a dinosaur. first wee cows and now dinosaurs....you are such an animal Moe.1majykz1