Friday, June 6, 2008

The Horror of It All

A horrific thing happened today.  My key board went belly up for no apparent reason leaving me stranded in non-computer land.  It was grim.  I always thought only 14 year old hackers ruined key boards.  But, I was talking to friends and poof, all I could get was gibberish.  So, after B got home from golf we went to the keyboard store and got this cute little Mac keyboard with big keys.  I like it alot.  I had no idea how traumatic it would be not to be able to answer emails and stuff.  This was payback for all the times I laughed at Brian when his TV died and I would tease him by timing how long he could go before he ran out to buy a new one.  Next time I am going to make him wait the length of a golf game... and lunch.  :D


Kathi said...

for no reason at all? The Bruce obviously forgot to tell you the herd had a party on it last night and they spilled quite a few sugary drinks on it. They need to have a time out I think :)

KeRobinson said...

Hi! I know what you mean about suddenly not being able to get on-line! LOL! The keyboard thing happened to me once, but there is a little flag icon/drop down menu (on the menu bar of my Mac) that will change the keyboard to DVORAK or US .
DV was gibberish. Not that it was the problem, but maybe?

MoeArt said...

Well, I didn't get any little drop down or flag. I twas weird. I have no idea what happened. All I know is this new little keyboard works wonders. :D Thanks for your comment and for coming to my blog. :D