Friday, February 27, 2009

Oh Brother or How To Alienate Your Neighbors

And so, I was sitting at my table happily brushing on my new Perfect Pearls powder (howz dat alliteration?) when, for unknown reasons, I dropped the jar. It went all over the place. On my flowers I was making, on my work table and all over my pants. Naturally, I yelled, "Shit!" at the top of my lungs. Sigh................. Wouldn't you know that the nice old Filipinos who live next door were passing by my window. They had been talking to each other. Upon hearing my pilau mouth... dead silence. Sigh............ I wonder if they will ever speak to me again? :D


Gilly said...

Is that all you said? Lucky it wasn't my door they were passing :))

MoeArt said...

:D Yep, that's all I said. Thank goodness. :D

Kathi said...

like them not speaking to you is a bad thing? Here they would of heard way beyond shit