Monday, February 23, 2009

A New (to me) and Wonderful Site

Now, you are probably all laughing as I often like to tell you about sites I have dealt with that were great.  Well, I have another one.  Go visit  Here's my story:

We have this gorgeous copper sink with a beautiful patina on it.  One fine day, out of the absolute blue, a nasty *slug trail* appeared on our sink. Something ate the patina off right down to the shiny copper.  We were distraught.  This is a gorgeous sink!  Anyway, I call the people we bought the sink from.  The sweet lady there tells me not to worry.  Eventually, (In our lifetime?) it will re-patina.  I don't want to wait.  So, I go looking for liver of sulphur, which is one of the ingredients that the company uses to patina copper.

I find Objects And Elements.  I call.  A wonderful person named Kelli speaks with me for a long time and listens to my tale of woe.  Woe is Moe.  :(  She gives me advice and is generally an all around terrific person.  She even takes my order on the phone.  Now, I can tell from the sound of everything that she is on her cell.  How's THAT for great customer service! Not only does she listen to a total stranger but offers to help as well.  I'm thoroughly impressed.  I send long distance smooches to Kelli.  If she doesn't own this company, they should give her a giant raise. I cannot begin to tell you how great it was to have someone in the know, listen then give educated advice.  And she never once made me feel like I was a *bother*.  Kelli gets the GOLD STAR award for customer service.  She also gets me as a returning customer and hopefully, some of you, as well!

So, today, I get my order.  I am so happy.  Tomorrow I will tackle the liver of sulphur.  In the box are several things.. my full order, a delightful hand written note from Kelli, who remembers my problem!  I am SO impressed.  I know that I am not her only customer.  And she even sent me a couple of free samples.  What a girl!  What a company!  

Now,this company has lots of cool things.  Besides Kelli.  So, if you are interested in wire work and all the accompanying *stuff*, glitter, resin... go check it out.  Kelli is terrific and the company is super!  They get my vote!  Go visit them...  :D


Katie's Clay Corner said...

Hi Moe.....there's an award for you on my page! :)

Susan Turney said...

Hi Moe,
This has nothing to do with your blog (which I read each time you post!) but rather because you live in HNL. I couldn't find another way to contact you! I have a friend who is in critical condition at the Queens hospital there and there's a possibility her husband and daughter will need to find some short term housing. It dawned on me that you may know of some or have friends that do. I thought it may be worth a try.....I'm going to try to post the links for the Caring Bridge website so you can read the whole thing and then to send the note I got from her sister. A computer geek I'm not so we'll see if it works.

If you go to the beginning you can read how it all started in Lahaina.

and then this is the note I got from her sister...
Thank you for your thoughtful and caring note, Susan. Please do put out some "feelers" about housing, explaining please, that the situation is uncertain yet but they just want to explore options. I'm not sure where exactly Queens Medical Center is, but maybe your cyber friend would know what is close by. Kurt said they turned in their rental car yesterday since they weren't using it, so close is good. . .

I think they're looking for just a small apartment type place where they can cook a little and crash.

My email is
if you have any suggestions.
Thanks for even reading this, Moe!!

MoeArt said...

Wow! Thanks, Katie! You are so sweet! I'm all excited now. :D

MoeArt said...


I'm sorry to hear about your friend. Have they asked at Queen's? Queen's is the Trauma Center for the Pacific. They get thousands of people from all over Polynesia every year and most of these people need a place to stay. Queen's has some deal with an apartment complex right next door or at least they did when I did Healing Touch there. Anyway, Please tell your friends to ask right at the hospital. Someone there will help them. here is me: moe47 at hawaii dot rr dot com. Ok?