Friday, August 7, 2009

My Friend's New Business

A long lost friend appeared one day on Facebook. What a treat! Karen and I worked together many years ago when she and her DH lived in Honolulu. I was overjoyed to reconnect with her as she is one of the most darling genuine honest people I have ever known. So, Karen tells me she is starting with this new company called Scentsy. They sell flameless, wickless, smokeless candles. Now, how can that BE, you query? If it doesn't have a flame and a wick, just HOW is it a candle? I think it's a light bulb masquerading as a candle. What a cool (PUN!) idea! They have tons of different holders you can pick from and each one has a well where you put the little square melts. A low wattage light bulb gives enough heat to melt the melt (hunh? these aren't Scentsy's technical terms, yanno) but stays cool enough so kids and pets can't burn themselves. I don't know about drunk adults, tho. :D Anyway, here is Karen's site, please do go take a look at the candles. And, if you have any questions, here is Karen's email, She's a total sweetie so chatting with her is like talking to your best friend. You can also find her on Facebook... Karen Rogers. But wait...Karen tells me to say....Scentsy candles will Warm the Heart, Enliven the Senses and Inspire the Soul. JUST what all us clayers need! Heee, maybe we can get our erratic muses addicted to these candles and they will stick around instead of disappearing when we need them!! Mine goes to Maui. :(

Scentsy has lots and lots of scents and lots and lots of holders. They even have night light thingies! This is a great idea for places where you are stuck for months unable to open a window because it's just too hot or way too cold. I'm thinking it would be really really cool to have a Christmas tree smell. Because our windows are always open here and few people can afford a real tree in Honolulu, a Scentsy Christmas tree candle will be perfect! And how about one of those night light things in your bathrooms? Man, I'm full of good ideas! Full of you-know-what, too. :D

So, please go look at my friend's site. Mahalo to you all!


Anonymous said...

I love the holders and scents, they are wonderful and last along time. My neighbor sells them.

MoeArt said...

Thanks, Anon! I'm glad to hear that! Mahalo for writing and for reading my blog! :D