Monday, August 10, 2009

Destructo Kitty and Pat

So, not only can Pat make great lunch, she's a cutie, too! This is my sweetie friend wearing her new Destructo Kitty pendant. :D And a picture of ... almost lunch... out on our lanai. Another friend Pam made the Destructo Kitty cane. I loved it so I asked if I could have it. :D Pam, being the honey that she is, gave it to me. I got 4 pendants from it. I love them! :D


ColsCreations said...

Uhm, I know this is supposed to be about clay creations, but have to say, I love the green wood table and colorful dishes on the lanai! said...

That table was a scream! Hallmark at our mall was trying to get rid of it... a blond display table... for 30 bucks. We dragged it home and redid it. :D You should have seen B carting that heavy thing through the mall! :D