Friday, July 11, 2008

Presents From Scotland

Tomorrow is Brian's birthday.  Now he's old.  :)  So, dear sweet Chris sent him golf goodies from St. Andrews.  He is SOOOO happy!  She also sent a tam that he looks adorable in.  Except it had this red hair stuff on it.  Ipo, our gray tiger stripe wanted to eat it so I removed it from the tam and Ipo went after it.  Allie, our black and white, wouldn't even look at it.  CHris also sent The Bruce and Bhaltair new tams.  They were so happy they wouldn't even take them off.  

And speaking of hats, Bhaltair wanted a party hat fro Brian's party tomorrow so I made him one.  Now, both the wee cows will be wearing their party hats and all the people at the party will be modeling the tam!  Sans red hair.  :)  More pictures to come!  Yes, The Bruce will, no doubt, drink too much wine.  He's been so good for sooooo long!