Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Merlin Chair and Other Fun Stuff

Well, a while ago I went out to the car and past our "dump" area.  That is this place at our condo where you can leave items you don't want but are too good to throw away.  There sat this perfectly good solid oak dining room chair.  The poor thing was suffering horribly from a terminal case of "The 70's".  You know, worn brown wood and torn gold velvet seat?  ICK!  

So, I dragged it into our apartment to "fix".  I decided that all wizards need a chair.  So, I created The Merlin Chair.  I am thinking about listing it on Craig's List.  What do you guys think?

Also, I am making these earrings but I don't know which side to face out.  So, I need votes!  Which side do you like?  Thanks!


StormyDesigns said...

Love the chair, great job. The earrings are beautiful on both sides but I prefer the side with the hearts.

MoeArt said...

Hey, thanks, Stormy! I prefer the hearts, too. I'm glad you like my chair!

Kathi said...

I think you should keep the chair in your studio!

I like the second side shown, but being me....I would hang one side out on one ear and the other on the other ear. Different yet the same :D

MoeArt said...

I probably will wind up keeping the chair. :) Thanks for your input on the earrings. How did I know you would like something off the wall? xoxo

MoeArt said...

Hi Nissa, I don't know what happened to your comment. It said it was published but it isn't here. Hmmmm... anyway, I bought them from www.worldofcute.etsy.com. Sharon has a bunch of darling little critters on her site. Go take a look! I love their big eyes. :D