Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Post Office Woes

We were having a discussion on PCC about post office woes.  I just HAD to add my 2 cents.  Do you know that our government has come up with a new way to torture us?  Yep.  If you are going to mail something outside the USA, you need to fill out a customs form.  Ok, that's fair.  But NOW!  Hah!  We also have to fill out, in addition to the customs form, a SIX PAGE form that goes... ready?...  INSIDE your box that you are mailing.  This insures that your friend who opens whatever you have mailed her, can read all about it in addition to seeing what you have mailed her.  Don't ya love it?  INSIDE your box.  Does anyone actually know if you have filled out this form?  Nope.  They have to take your word for it.  

When I asked the reason for this bright idea, I was told that MAYBE your box will get lost.  I says, batting my eyes innocently, "if my box is lost, how are they going to have the form as the form is INSIDE my lost box!"  Dead silence.

All I want to know is how much do they pay the guy who comes up with these ideas.  And, more importantly, WHY do they pay him.  :D  What a country!