Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sparklies and Fusion Beads

So, I'm still having too much fun with wire.  And speaking of Fusion Beads.  If you are buying Parawire, go to and get it there.  It's more than a dollar cheaper than the Parawire company and FB has free shipping!  I just did my best to buy them out.  :D

Now, where was I?  Oh.  Sparklies.    I made this cool wire pendant then decided to use up some night sky colored Swarovskis.  What chu tink?  I love it!  :)


Melobeau said...

Thanks for the head up that one can purchase Parawire from Fusion Beads. That is good to know and I suspect eventually I'll be in the market. I absolutely LOVE your new cool wire pendant dressed up with the night sky colored Swarovskis.The PERFECT marriage of wire and sparklies! Very special.

MoeArt said...

Thanks, Anita! :D