Monday, August 15, 2011

Food Savers and Cabochons

And so, we bought this Food Saver machine.  All that's come so far is the hand held one.  What a fun little machine.  We had to charge it for 24 hours so, yesterday when the time limit was up, I got all excited and ran around looking for something to save.  :D  Ok.  Blue corn chips seemed like the perfect thing.  I put them into the little baggie that came with the saver.  Isn't this fun?  :)  I'm saving away when I hear all this crackling and snapping.  Oh crap.  I have saved them so well that they all broke.  Now I have blue corn chip crumbles.  That little machine works great!  :D

While I wasn't decimating blue corn chips I was making cabs and rounds to sell in my Art Fire shop.  I was reading my friend BJ's blog about how she used old canes to make new canes.  Well, I just happen to have about 14,247 old canes laying around.  So, I got nuts and started combining canes.  This is just way too much fun!  But I got some great canes which made some fun cabs.  They'll be great for bead weaving and wire wrapping, don'tcha think?  :D


Sharon B. said...

Moe, I don't have a FoodSaver, but I do have a machine made by the folks who made the original FS machine (in Italy). You'll love using it.

For bags, it's WAY cheaper to buy them from a vendor I found on eBay (although I expect that shipping off the mainland is $$$$). I'll send you a message through your PCC account, if you'd like the info.

You can also seal mason jars (good for keeping the air out of dried goodies).

Oh, yeah, love the cabs!

MoeArt said...

Hi Sharon, and thanks for the info. Yep, usually eBay shipping is ridiculous to Hawaii. :( We will go on a mason jar search when B is off on vacation in a couple weeks. I read that the bags you tear off a roll and make yourself are cheaper than the ready made ones. Makes sense. I don't think we''ll go through that man as there are just the two of us. I'm going to seal up my clay. :D

Glad you like the cabs! Me, too. :D

AlmondJoy said...

>> I got all excited and ran around looking for something to save. <<

ROTFL!! We bought one a few years back, with the rolls you can make any size "bag" out of.
I made an emergency pack. One cigarette, one strike-anywhere match, one drink chip, and two quarters (enough for one game of pool). Put a card in there that said "in case of emergency, break seal".

AlmondJoy said...

>> So, I got nuts and started combing canes. This is just way too much fun! But I got some great canes which made some fun cabs. <<

Wait - you made canes? ;)

They look great, i especially like the swirly one.

MoeArt said...

Beat it ANonymous. This is no place to be selling anything. Only *I* get to sell stuff here. Take a hike.

MoeArt said...

Your emergency bag sounds good, Col. I'd have to have a big bag for my wine, tho. :) And no, I wasn't making canes. i was "combining" not combing canes. ;) I had about 47 thousand canes so I was making new canes from/with old canes. That's how I got that millefiori look. I now have more cabs and beads then the national debt. :D If we have to go back to the barter system, I'm in like Flynn. :D