Friday, May 13, 2011

Still Playing With Clay

And so, I am still making earrings and messing with my clay.  I think today I will finish up a necklace then do some bead weaving.  It's yet another dark gloomy rainy day here in Honolulu so it's a good day to stay inside.

Idin't these ovals come out great?  I love the colors!  The blue nautilus cracks me up.  And the leaf earrings are just sooo pretty.  I wish I knew who made that cane.  Anyone know???


Roberta said...

I really love your ear wires!

MoeArt said...

THanks, Roberta! Today I heard from someone who bought some and she said she loved them and couldn't wait to make earrings. I'm dying to see what she does. :D