Friday, May 27, 2011

Blogspot Having All Kinds of Troubles

Well, for days now I haven't been able to get into my blog.  I finally used chrome and got in.  What is the matter that my regular way doesn't work?  I hear that everyone is having trouble.  Anybody else having a miserable time??  :(


Knightwork Studio said...

I posted on my blog today and didn't have any problem....maybe it was just dumb luck... I haven't posted for many moons so don't know if mine has been acting up...... How do you normally get on your blog? I have mine on my "bookmark" bar and just click on it when I want to get on...that how you do it? BJ

MoeArt said...

BEEEJ! I was about to get on a plane to come find you!

No, I have no idea what the trouble was. Apparently it was some Google/blog trouble that affected just about everyone. However, I learned a new thing. Cookies don't always have chocolate chips. Sometimes they are in your computer. Col told me how to eradicate them and POOF! all better. :D

AlmondJoy said...

People are reporting all kinds of problmes. :( Here's the thread on the issue:

732 posts!!!

Brett from Blogger
Google Employee, The Blogger Team

said at 2:15 PM today:

"Our team is still investigating the issue, and will let you know the moment we have more info to share. I understand that this is a frustrating issue, and we do apologize for the disruption.

Again, we appreciate your patience."

So if trying a different browser and/or clearing your cookies and cache doesn't help, you're outt'a luck 'til they get it all fixed. :(

So far I'm in the lucky group that hasn't been having problems. Knock on wood. ..

Melobeau said...

Hope you're having less trouble now. We couldn't get on our blogs all day, or even use Google, but finally were able to access both an hour ago.