Monday, February 14, 2011

Too Early For Spring?

What do you all think?  Is it too early to list Spring stuff in our shops?  I finished this last night and thought...perfect for snow weary women!  Then I didn't know if anyone looks at springy stuff in February.  What say you, those of you who sell online??


Trina (Trina's Clay Creations) said...

Oh no... it's definitely NOT too early for spring stuff in our shops!! I'm pretty 'snow weary' myself and soooo ready to see colorful flowers! I think trickling spring items into our shops starting now is a GREAT idea!

BEAUTIFUL bracelet Moe!!!

Knightwork Studio said...

Tis the perfect time to list spring items... go for it.

Love the bracelet, it is so beautious!! Beej

AlmondJoy said...

I've never thought of jewelry as being seasonal, but for those who do, I would think this is the time of year when winter warriors are "over the hump" and thinking Spring.
My crocus (crocuses? croci? ;O ) have come out this early before, poked right up thru the snow still on the ground. They haven't shown themslves yet this year, but when they do,that, for me, is when I really get into Spring mood.

I really like the focal bead on this.

Melobeau said...

I think it's the perfect time and just a perfectly lovely spring piece. It's the time of the years when everybody is looking at seed catalogs and calculating just how much longer it will be before winter FINALLY ends.

MoeArt said...

Ok youse guys! I reopened my Etsy shop and put some spring-y stuff in there. Thanks for everyone's input!

MoeArt said...

Col, I always said "croci". Julius would be proud of us! :)

Jewelry is often seasonal. I mean, you wouldn't wear something pink and flowery in the dead of winter. Ok, maybe YOU would. ;) Nah, I can't see you in pink flowers. :)