Sunday, February 13, 2011

More Presents

And so it came to pass that I had more friends than I deserve.  ;)  So, here is my newest creation for the ever so wonderful PJ who is the creator of Best Flexible Molds.  Her molds are super!  Her site is over there>>>>>>>>.  :D

This is the most girly girl thing I ever made.  PJ wanted pale turquoise and rosy peach with ivory (that's pretty girly, don'tcha think?).  So, naturally, being congenitally unable to follow directions, I did exactly what it said NOT to do.  Made double spirals.  Now, this mostly covered the turquoise core beads but you can see it in real life.  But, aren't the pearls and crystals gorgeous?  I love how this came out.  And I test-wore it yesterday.  I hope PJ likes it!  :D


AlmondJoy said...

I think the color combination is great. Subtle and soothing. I'm sure PJ will love it.

Melobeau said...

Beautiul, subtle and girly and I bet PJ is going to LOVE it. The focal is so gorgeous and springy.

MoeArt said...

THanks Col and Anita! I hope she likes it. I love it even though I'm not much for girly girl stuff.