Monday, November 23, 2009

Purse Thingies

And so, the ever-wonderful Boston Clay Works has struck again. I bought these purse holder thingies and didn't they just come out great? :) I must go order more. :D


AlmondJoy said...

Oh, pretty! I especially like the tie-dye-ish one first on the bottom row. Now I have to show my ignorance and ask ... What are they? I know you said they're purse holders, but, well, I don't get what they are. Sigh.

MoeArt said...

I will enlighten you. :D The clay part stays on the table (for when you go out). The collapsible metal part swings out and down forming a J. You then hang your bag in the bottom of the J. It keeps you from having to hang it on the back of your chair or setting your purse on the floor. Very safe and convenient. We usually don't have anywhere to put our purses when we go out. These are the answer. :D