Sunday, July 5, 2009

Snuggies and Marble

The other day we went shopping. There is a new Target here so we went there looking for... I can't remember what. Anyway, as we were strolling around I spotted Snuggies on a shelf. Hah! I wanted a Snuggie as I get cold easily. So, my darling hunnibunni says... go ahead, get one. I did just that. When we got it gone, I tried it on. Instant Druid! Now, I am 5'9. I put on the Snuggie and had about 7 inches of it dragging on the floor while there wasn't that much of it to go around me. The sleeves are about 4 feet long. Looks like the Middle Ages. All I need now is one of those 3 foot pointy hats with a gauzy veil hanging from it. And I can run around getting the Vapors and calling, Forsooth! And pearls. Gotta have pearls if you are going to be a vaporish, forsoothing princess.

I think if I were on my couch and put the Snuggie on the way it shows in pictures, I wouldn't need it to wrap around me. But did I do that? No. I put it on like a coat. Don't do this. They are made with this extra fabric around the shoulders. Very weird.

So, yesterday it was hot and humid so I turned on our air conditioner while I waited for my client to arrive. Then I sat down to read. My chair is right under the a/c vent and I was freezing so I thinks... Self... go get your new Druid Drape! I does and I puts it on. Very Snuggieable. It was warm and soft and both kitties came to see what new weirdness I was up to. Ipo followed me around the house wondering what this thing was dragging on the floor. I as tempted to use my new Druid powers to turn her into a toad. :D

But, I digress. After we left Target, we decided to go to Stone World to look at stone for counter tops. We are getting ready to renovate our master bath. Stone World has this big yard in the back of their store with about 13 zillion tons of various stones from around the world. It is all out in the blazing sun and naturally, everything is covered in dust from the fabrication they do.

So, we wander around looking at various pieces of granite and marble. I spot one piece of gorgeous stone. It is this apricot colored marbleized onyx. It is just beautiful but I can only see a corner of it as 20 tons of other stones sit up against it. I ask if we can see it. Sure. The guy scurries off to get his fork lift with a thingy hanging from it. He maneuvers this up to the onyx, hooks the dangling thingy to the onyx and lifts it out and swings it around so we can see it. I love it! As I am expounding on how much I love it, a huge crack appears, runs through the onyx and a huge chunk breaks off. Oh NO! :( So much for my onyx counter tops. I is sad. :(

So, we walk around looking some more. Brian finds another corner piece of something that looks great. This time it's marble with distinct apricot coloring. Again we ask Mr Thingy Machine to pull it out. He does. It does NOT break and it's just lovely. Italian marble. Of course it's sturdy! Just think how long all those Roman buildings and statures have been sitting there! Our new counter top will last for millenia! We are all excited and are promised an estimate.

We toddle home all happy. The estimate is still not here. Cross your fingers, ok? I will put on my Druid Drape and sit down before we open it. :D


AlmondJoy said...

Druid Drape - LOL>

>It was warm and soft and both >kitties came to see what new >weirdness I was up to.

I got a lap blanket last year. Some super-soft shaggy material that sort of looks and feels like fur. The cats were afraid of it for months. But now that they've learned it's most certainly dead and not going to attack, they love it.

MoeArt said...

I hope it doesn't take months for Allie to get used to her new water fountain. She won't go near it. :(

AlmondJoy said...

Water fountain? You haven't had another weird plumbing occurence have you?

MoeArt said...

A Kitty Water Fountain! Cats don't like standing water. She loved her other fountain but after 5 years, it died. We got a new one and she doesn't like it. Pretty soon she's going to HAVE to learn to drink from it. :(