Monday, July 20, 2009

Chocolate Truffles and Meteors

Now, as many of you know, I am retiring from being a massage therapist on July 31st. So, yesterday I had a client come for his last massage. He brought me a box of Godiva dark chocolate truffles. Oh yum. Wasn't that sweet of him? I couldn't decide if I should give him a hug or give him the Vulcan Death Grip because now I'll have to go on a really strict diet. Again. Sigh.....

So, after he left, I dived right in. I dispensed with the "directions" on which truffle is what flavor. As long as it isn't puce or tastes like avocado or coconut, I'll eat it. So, I bite in and... WHO decided that chocolate truffles should be divided into 2 parts? I mean, there is a line of chocolate right down the middle of the inside. Ok, WHO eats a half a truffle? Nobody, right? So, why is there this line? In case I wanna share? You are all familiar with the expression, 'Fat Chance!', right? Ok, I MIGHT share with my Hunnibunni but the rest of you guys are on your own! Get your own truffles, she shouts belligerently! Naturally, I had to try a couple more to see if this same aberration is in all of them.

Then I decide I will string up these cool meteor beads that Kathi sent me. Kathi is over there>>>>>>. And another cool Picarillo style pendant Kathi gave me. Kathi is over there>>>>>>>>>. Dragonsglass. >>>>>>>>> Ok, go look. Now, these meteor beads are very cool. The blue pendant is, too. Except for it being blue. Ick on blue. When Kathi gave me the meteors, they were bright orange. I was working with alcohol inks one day and got a splash on one bead. Serendipity! I loved how it looked so I inked them all. Kathi and me, me and Kathi. A good team, methinks!


AlmondJoy said...

Could be the Italian restaurant we went to last night, but I see pasta & meatballs in the meteor one. ;0

MoeArt said...

Maybe that's why nobody else commented. Hee. :)