Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Another Beading Frenzy

The cover of Beadwork magazine had the coolest bead woven bracelet by a woman named Glorianne Ljubich.  I decided to make one.  I changed the flowers around but I used her super design.  This is what I made.  I love it!  It was a PITA to make.  The frame was easy but those flowers....oiks. :(
And then I decided to use these carnelian beads I'd been saving.  I love carnelian so I thought I'd keep this one.  Not to be.  I got it all done and it's too short for me.  I'm bummed.  It was a brain fart.  I totally forgot to take into consideration the thickness and that I'd have to make it longer.  What a doof.   But the bracelet came out great for those with slender wrists!  6 1/2 inches is about 1/2 inch too short for me.  Boohiss.


Sparks of Ember said...

It may be a PITA to make but how unique! Very pretty!

Melobeau said...

Floral bracelet is so appealing. You tamed it well. Carnelian bracelet is lovely, though slender. Bummer! It's going to make someone with a very slim wrist very happy.

DVArtist said...

Both pieces are really lovely. The first is so Hawaii. LOL
Glad you are beading

MoeArt said...

Thanks Everyone! :)

Sharon B. said...

Love it, Moe! I like the fact that your frame does not compete for attention (color-wise) with your lovely flowers.

Ipo must be so proud of you!

P.S. Gentle hugs to B.

MoeArt said...

Ipo is proud, Sharon. She wants to eat it. :) B is doing better, thanks! :D

Knightwork Studio said...

CL just measured her wrist.... guess what... precisely 6 1'2 inches... image that!! LOL.

How are you... and how is B? We've had our share of excitement lately... not fun!!


Bonnie Kreger at B-LEE KREATIONS said...

Love your bracelets and your story about the blue hands. I wore a blouse one time that I didn't wash first and didn't see the tag under the armpit. Someone told me about it in front of other people so I told them I was testing new blouses for JC Penney. They didn't believe me. Now I wash everything. Added you to my blog list. Love your sense of humor.

MoeArt said...

Hey Bonnie! Thanks for coming to my blog and for your fun comments! Did anyone call you Minnie Pearl? LOVE your price tag story! What a quick answer. :)