Monday, August 9, 2010

The Evil Kumihimo and The Australian Outback

Now, as you all know, the Japanese come up with some really cool things.  Sadly, you have to be born there to learn how to do it.  :(  Take kumihimo.  Ok, LOVE those braids.  I got sick of the traditional chain and beaded cords for necklaces. It's all you see and I wanted something pretty but different from always with the beads and the chains.  Enter kumihimo.

Now, I had a bout of Chinese knot tying last year.  Another one of those things that you need to be Chinese to conquer.  I managed to get a couple styles down but, phrew.  I have enough brain damage.  So, I sez, Self, we will learn kumihimo.  Ok, you all read, in a previous post here, of the disaster of the first tries.  I could have rivaled the mummifiers in ancient Egypt.

Ok, I learned how to make the braids and work the discs.  Yay for me.  :(  How ever.... no matter WHAT it say, there is NEVER enough cord.  I'm pretty sure I read that you need double the amount of cord for whatever length you want your braid.  This is not true.  You need about 6 extra miles.  I have, in my fun little kumihimo box, about 30 gorgeous braids that range from 7 inches to 13 inches.  Why does this happen to me?  When you start out with a couple miles of cord, you oughta have enough, right?  Wrong.  To say nothing of all those miles of twitching cord on the floor.  With 2 cats, I am BEGGING for problems.  You guys ever notice how I seem to go out of my way to give myself brain damage?

And speaking of that...wait til you hear THIS!  Jeez.  Ok, I decide that because I have all these lovely braids that I will cone the ends and use pretty chain for the rest. YEAH!  I like this idea.  I drag out my bag of cones and do it to one braid.  Looks great! So, I leave my bag of cones on my work table so I can do the rest.  Let me just tell you how dumb this was.

In the meantime, I decide that my pal Gilly, in Australia, needs a goody box.  So, one day, I am going through all my stuff to see what I can send Gills.  I get this big box full of stuff.  It's heavy!  Bless flat rat boxes!

So, I get it all packed, get out my handy dandy little cart and trots myself to the post office where I send it winging its merry way to the wilds of the Australian Outback.

The next day I decide I will cone more of my braids.  Hmmm, where are my cones?  They are nowhere to be found.  Now, as you all know, I am delirious most of the time.  Because *I* know this too, I go looking all over the place.  I tear my studio apart.  No cones.  OIKS!  I am almost certain I have inadvertently sent them on an Australian vacation.  Oh NOS!  So, I toddle to my computer to tell Gills.

She, being the mega brat that she is, thinks this is screamingly funny and gives me shit about being senile.  Somehow I am missing the humor in this.  Naturally, Gills laughs even harder.  So, while I sit in Honolulu wondering how I will get my braids finished, Gilly is having a hearty laugh at my expense.  Is this fair?  Really.  I ask you.  :D


Sparks of Ember said...

Aww. It could have been worse: Daddy-in-law once mailed us his super-expensive, massively-critical, cannot-be-skipped medications along with presents for his grandbaby. :D

Once you get more cones (or Gills mails them back?) maybe you can salvage the smaller braids as keychains or earrings? I need to pull my braid book out & see what lengths of cord it recommends compared to your instructions. *makes note to self*

Gilly said...

Did I laugh that much????????? Why yes, I believe I did!!!!!!!!!!


Kathi said...

well of course Gills laughed....hell we all are laughing because we all know we could do the same damn thing. However, YOU saved us from doing it by doing it first. You are da bomb Ipo :)

MoeArt said...

Yeah, Kat, do go see if you can find somewhere that it tells how much cord I need. ;( i'm SURE it can't be 6 miles. :)

MoeArt said...

Yes, Gills. I heard you all the way here. But you have been thwarted1 I found the little buggers in my wire drawer. :D

MoeArt said...

:D Ipo.