Thursday, August 19, 2010

Euromycetisis and Dishwashers

So, my poor Hunnibunni was sick all of July with some unknown disease.  Then he gets to feeling better and takes a few days off so we can go do stuff and BLAM! he's sick again.  AND gave it to me!  I never get sick.  Ok, amend that to rarely now.  :(

So, you query, just WHAT is this weird word in the title here?  It's a word Brian made up that covers all diseases when we don't know what they are.  You know?  When you just feel like crap but you don't know why?  Hah.  You have Euromycetisis.  We both had it.  :(  I actually think it was some godawful evil alien thing that snuck into our windows.

Anyway, yesterday when I was feeling like the Grim Reaper was knocking at my door, I dragged my sorry self to the kitchen to run the dishwasher.  Gonna boil those germs to death!  So, I load it up, put the soap in and push the button.  Nothing. Our dishwasher has Euromycetisis.  It is dead.  Now, I am not a happy girl.  I is sick and I need to murder germs!

We spent lots of money and got a really good dishwasher from Sears.  After 5 years it dies.  I have the warranty coverage so the poor Sears guy has to come out and fix it.  Takes him THREE trips because every single thing that could have died in it, keeled over.  Now, wouldn't you think that a super expensive dishwasher should not die after 5 years?  It's not like we have 15 kids and run the thing 40 times a week.

So, the put-upon repair guy orders all the parts, which show up at my door in  weird shaped boxes and then comes and installs all new computer parts, etc.  It is like brand new.  So yesterday it dies again.  18 months have gone by and the thing is dead again.  I call the nice man in Lastoutpostoftheuniverse, North Dakota or wherever he is.  He actually is in the United States!  Things are looking good!  His name is jerry and he speaks English.  Things are looking REALLY good!  I ask old Jerry, "so, Jerry, WHY is my dishwasher dead after 18 months?"  Jerry valiantly tries to maintain the Sears policy of blaming something else.  He launches into a monologue of weather troubles.  Gotta be that pesky lighting and thunder.  I say, "Jerry.  This is Hawaii.  We don't HAVE thunder and lightning."  Poor Jerry.  He doesn't know what to say now.

So, the Sears guy is coming out next Wednesday to see about my dead dishwasher.  Meanwhile germs are running amuck.  We are not happy.

We will also stay away from Sears products in the future, methinks.


Jackie said...

Bummer that you are sick! I know you'll be better soon and you must tell Brian, "No More Sharing!!"

I'm working on stuff... but it's been slow going the last few days. Just so you know you are not forgotten.

Big hugs and lotsa germ-free love coming your way.


MoeArt said...

Thanks, Jax! I'm all better. No hurry on the canes. I'm not going anywhere. :) BTW, how are you making cranberry?

Melobeau said...

Oh no, I'm so sorry you got Brian's Euromycetisis....and then you gave it to the dishwasher. Hope your kitties are immune. Sending hugs your way and hope that EVERONE is healthy again soon.....even the dishwasher. I know I'm going to sound old but, they sure don't make ANYTHING as well as they use to, even Sears.