Thursday, July 29, 2010

Oh Boy! A Big Fat Sale!

So, whaddaya think?  I decided that a mid-summer sale on my Etsy shop is in order.  I have tons of earrings made so I thought a $5.00 sale would be cool.  If I see a sale like that I'm THERE!  Perfect for gifts for all those people you want "just a little something" for at Holiday time.  And you get to wear them in the meantime.  :D  I did NOT say that!  Did I?  :D  Bad moe.  :(

So, here's a few photos of what I'm offering.


Melobeau said...

Such lovely pretties. Hope that the sale does well. Great for holiday giving.....and Moe gives you permission to wear them in the meantime. Doesn't get better than a double gift like that!

MoeArt said...

Heee. Thanks Anita! I hope it goes well, too.