Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Brown Period

Artists have color periods where they paint in one predominant color.  I guess it's the thing to do.  :)  Anyway, without me even thinking about it, today was My Brown Period.  My clay pal Mary Kay made me these really great canes and gave them to me.  What a girl!  3 cheers for MK Ozarks!  Hip, hip, hooray!!!!  And big fat smoochies to YOU, MK!  :D  And to you, Kathi for all the cool canes YOU have given me!  And to YOU, Jacks!  And YOU, Caro!  And YOU, Sis!  Rats.  I think Blogspot is going to run out of room here.  :)  But, to all of you who have given me canes, a hundred thousand thank yous!

So, anyway, I gathered all the cool beads from MK's canes along with beads from other people's canes and made this long necklace.  Normally, I don't care for long necklaces as they have a tendency to see things like wine glasses and fling themselves out to knock over aforementioned wine.  The horror of it all.  :(  It's simply TOO traumatic to ponder.

And AGAIN with the Mary Kay!  Check out this windowpane.  (oiks, flashbacks!) I did NOT say that!  The devil made me do it.  :D

MK makes the best canes.  Really.  Not being a cane maker, ALL who make canes amaze me.  There are some top shelf cane makers in this world and Mary Kay is one of them.  Jackie's are super, Kathi's are terrific, Chris' are wonderful, the list goes on and on.  HOW do you guys DO that???  Anyway, let it be known that it's a good thing for all you marvelous cane makers.  If *I* had to make canes...yikes.  :D


Melobeau said...

So glad to see your "brown period". The Forum Friends necklace is super. Your outstanding eye put together such a delight of different shades, shapes, and sizes that work together so well. I like the little bits of turquoise that add additional interest. Your Forum friends do wonderful cane work and your necklace is that perfect tribute to them.

You window cane is nice, and what I think makes the necklace special is again, your EYE. The chain style and colour are perfect and the beads add the perfect touch. Is the chain purchased? If so, where do you recommend getting chain? After seeing this piece I'm intrigued with the possibilities of using a cool chain like that.

Lovely work!

Knightwork Studio said...

Can't go wrong with brown, I loves it. The friends necklace is outstanding..... you should make me one... I'm a friend...right?

Your friend,

MoeArt said...

Many thanks for your sweet words, Anita! xoxoxo

MoeArt said...

Yep, Beej. You are certainly my friend. Does the necklace need to be brown? I'd LOVE to make you one! So, pick a color and it's yours. :)