Saturday, March 13, 2010

Floating Ipo

Ipo has decided she likes our new tub and doesn't want to wait until it's hooked up.  So, she is prating to the Mother Ship that the plastic wrap holds her weight. I keep waiting for a claw to go through the wrap and Ipo winds up at the bottom of the tub.  Isn't she cute?  The little brat.


Melobeau said...

What a cutie Ipo is. Bet she wouldn't like the tub so much if it contained WATER! XOX

MoeArt said...

Probably not altho I keep thinking I'd just LOVE to find out. :) And she is a total cutie, thank you! It's what keeps her from being kitty stew. :( Or, as my friend (also with 2 cats) says, keeps her from, "becoming gloves". Our collective kitties somehow know we are all talk and no action. :D