Friday, January 9, 2009

A Terrific Site

I just gotta say all kinds of nice things about the Wigjig folks.  Because I think it's a good thing to tell someone when they do a nice thing, I emailed them to say thanks for the information and tutes and products and everything they offer.  And I just got a personal email back thanking me for my email!  And, it wasn't just a blanket * thank you for contacting Wigjig* statement.  The woman actually mentioned what I had written.  How great is that for customer service!

Man, there is hope!  Between Wigjig and the Clay Store in Florida.... we can't go wrong!  And speaking of that..I got other fun news.  

I was getting inundated with emails from Vista Print.  Well, I needed new cards and they had some super specials so I went ahead and ordered.  When I got my cards, they had forgotten a part of my email address.  Sigh.... I figured... you get what you pay for so I didn't do anything about it.  

Today I got a phone call from this lovely man sitting in Jamaica.  He was calling to find out if I was happy with my Vista Print order.  Poor guy.  I told him what was wrong.  He credited the whole order.  Now I can reorder all those cards for free.  Isn't that nice?  And just when I was thinking Vista Print was awful because I could never get a reply from them.  I am going to email VP and tell them to give that man a raise! He was great.  And, just in case you're wondering, the cards were great.  It's just my email was off and... it could have been my fault.  (actually, it's Ipo's fault) Can you imagine that?   So, I will go order my new ones soon.  I have a whole year.  I is a happy girl!  :D