Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Long Time No See

Hiya!  I have been MIA.  Not good.  But, let me tell you just what I have been doing.  I know you are just DYING to know!  :)

Ok, first of all I am getting ready to become officially OLD on February 6th.  Now, how much fun is that?  I even applied for my social security!  Wore me right out.  But, let me tell you this... if anyone is planning on getting old and applying... call the 1-800 number.  They were SO nice.  

I have also been cleaning out all my stash.  I have tons and tons of stuff so I clean it all out then foist it off on my worthy pals.  Well, I will rethink *worthy* here.  :)  I posted some of my new goodies on my flickr and will put a picture or two here.  The stuff I had left over I am remaking into new things.  I found a few years ago that if something didn't sell in one incarnation...redo it! Works like a charm.

I bought the new Kato book and a couple new wire working books so I have tons of stuff to try if I ever get finished reorganizing.  Naturally, Ipo is helping.  :(

Don't you just love that faux jade?  It looks so real and is WAY less expensive.  And that jasper came out pretty good, too, methinks.  I love jasper and I figure winter is the time to wear it.  I wore the earrings around one day because a friend said she thought they looked heavy.  They weren't at all.  Ok, back to the grind stone for me.

And tune up those vocal chords!  I wanna hear all of you singing me happy birthday, ok?  :D xoxoxo


Anonymous said...

who are you again?

of course *I* have been MIA too so who am I to talk eh Ipo? Your new stuff is totally awesome.

MoeArt said...

Yes, exactly! WHERE have you been? Hmmmm? I just sent you some business. Go read your IM.

Anonymous said...

I have been busting arse on tiling in the house. go check out my blog!

Anonymous said...

now YOU go read your IM :)

Beth said...

Happy Birthday! Thanks for naming my monkey cane.


MoeArt said...

Thanks, Beth! He's such a cute monkey. And Clark is the perfect name for him. :)

Anonymous said...

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