Saturday, November 29, 2008

More Koi

Hi Everyone!

Well, my commissioned koi were such a hit that I thought I'd make one and put it for sale on my Etsy and DaWanda sites.  And, if I EVER figure out how to use flickr, I'll put it on there, too. 

 Jainnie, the supreme sweetie, got me a flickr!  How cool is THAT!?  Now, computer doof that I am, I just have to figure out how it works.  I was trying to get my face on there yesterday and managed to do so, somehow.  I also got one of my fairies on there and have NO idea how that happened.  Flickr magic, no doubt.  Anyway, it's moe.hawaii.  But, I don't know if it's @flicr?  HELLLLP!  Who knos the answer to this?  Kathi, I KNOW you will tell me.  :D


Kathi said...

ooo this one's scales are going the right way! I really like it Moe.

come on, I know you can figure it out. it's easy peasy.

MoeArt said...

Mahalo, Kathi! I have conquered koi scale-ness! :)

Alejandro said...

So beautiful! Congrats!

MoeArt said...

Muchas gracias, Alejandro!