Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy November!

Does it feel like November?  No, I didn't think so.  Does it feel like Christmas is only a few weeks away?  How did this happen?  What were we doing?  

Well, I'm getting ready for it!  My first and maybe only home craft fair is November 15th so I'm trying to organize all the stuff for sale.  It didn't seem like I had very much but...yikes.  I have tons!

And, will I EVER get my craft room finished?  This is one of life's little mysteries.  Charlie is coming tomorrow so drill holes for all my pulls and knobs and to give me an estimate on putting up my ceiling.  :D  Then, I can actually start painting!  I may yet get this done before 2009!  Then I will inundate you with pictures of my fab new room.  And I will have no crafting friends left because I actually have cabinet space that is empty!  Yay!  

I'm off to vote.  See you later!