Saturday, October 18, 2008

Still Wooohoooing

Things are getting better and better!  I sold those plastic things in the corner of my room and all that stuff fit into just a couple shelves.  Yay!  Charlie made me more shelves so I spent half of yesterday (with Ipo's help) putting in the new shelves.  One was too long but my nice maintenance man cut it to size for me.  I was all set to open that paint (thanks, Connie!) but I have to work for a living so I will have to wait until tomorrow's client leaves before I can start.

What is that sound?  It is S of S in the plastic drop cloth.  Our cats are insane.  Allie is making little noises and running back and forth at top speed then crashing into whatever is there to stop her.  Ipo is trying to suffocate herself in the drop cloth.  Maybe they will wear themselves out so they'll be civilized when my clients arrive.  One can only hope.

I have one client whom awakens some primordial instinct in Ipo.  Whenever my client gets here, Ipo sits up on her back legs and wants to box like a kangaroo.  So, we call her Ipo Roo.  I have no idea why Ipo has decided she needs to box Jean but it happens almost every time Jean is here.  It's really funny.

Ok, I have to go set up my table.  See you later!