Thursday, October 16, 2008

Kitties vs Reorganization

Ok, you see that nice tall cupboard?  The top part is my new book case.  So far, so good.  Enter Destructo Kitty.  WHO ever thought reorganizing with cats was a good idea?  I have a drop cloth on the floor.  I have brand new floors, right?  They need to be covered.  Are the kitties aware of this?  They are not.  They think that paint stained plastic is there for them to play in.  

After Ipo figured out that she can't balance on the open door to one new cabinet, she decided that it would be ever so much fun to pounce her sister under the drop cloth.  I am carting books from one location to their new home when both cats decide they should hiss and spit and have a run at my legs.  Picture the mess:  Moe amide all the books on the floor, the wrestling cats and the drop cloth all messed up with captive cats inside screaming to get out. I am yelling that I will duct tape both of the little rats to the walls if they don't knock it off.  So, I release the little rats, pick up all my books and get them all put away.  

Oh boy.  WHAT a concept!  All the books in one place.  All the clay books together.  All the quilling books together.  All the wire books together.  I stand back to admire my work and almost fall flat on my backside because Destructo Kitty has snuck in behind me and is getting ready to try the balancing on 3/4 inch ply act again.  No, no, no.  This is NOT working.  I get out the duct tape and show Ipo who hightails it out the door like she is on fire.   HOW does she know about duct tape?  Must be genetic memory.

So, Ipo is MIA and I am glad.  I check to see where Allie is and find that she is laying on top of a cupboard watching out the window, halo intact.  Ok, I am safe to re-admire my hard work.  

Hmmm, what is this?  Exceedingly heavy books on wood.  This does not bode well for the long run.  So, I says, Self, you have to take all these books off and move the top shelf higher so all the heavy books can sit on the bottom of the cupboard.  Sigh......

Ok, I start taking all the books off the top shelf.  As I have my back turned to lay them down, Ipo decides that she can help.  So, she leaps from the floor into my cupboard which is not the sturdiest at the moment due to the fact that both doors are open and the entire bottom is empty with heavy books on the top.  The structure makes a weird noise so I grab little Spawn of Satan and forcible remove her furry butt.  For some odd reason I start thinking about the wine in my fridge.  ::::scratches head:::::::

And little did I know that moving the shelves was going to be a feat of engineering.  The degree of which, I do not have.  It turns out that with those cool European inside hinges, that moving shelves is practically impossible.  Used to be you could just tilt the shelves, right?  No, no ,no. The hinges are in the way.  

I wind up taking out those little metal thingies that snap into place?  Right.  You know... the kind you have to count the holes so the shelf lays even?  Of course I can't pinch them together. So, here I am trying to keep Ipo out of the cupboard with my foot, attempting to be Aaahhhhrnold and thinking I can pinch steel, counting holes and the ONLY way I can keep the shelf where it belongs is to balance it on my head.  And now, because I can't pinch them, I have to put everything down and go find a pliers.  Sigh...............

Oh yeah... did I mention that my dearly beloved left this morning to spend 4 days on the Big Island attending a board meeting of his company and playing golf?  No?  I didn't mention that he is off playing golf and staying in nice hotels while I am home duct taping cats to the wall? HOW could I have forgotten this?

So, the other thing I am doing simultaneously, is putting Varathane on the shelves.  Good old Charlie says I have to seal the wood.  Ok.  Because Charlie says so, it must be true so B and I hie ourselves to City Mill last night where I am planning on buying this nameless stuff Charlie says everybody carries.  

Naturally, there is not one person in City Mill who has even an inkling of what I am talking about.  So one guy says I can use Varathane.  Ok, that's good.  I have Varathane.  So, we trot home empty handed.  

This morning I go downstairs to our storage locker and find my Varathane.  I am anal.  I KNOW where my Varathane is!  :D

So, I am happily painting it on when I see all this crap in it.  What is THIS?  Looks like dead cockroach parts.  How gross is that?!  So, I remove all the crap.  It was some mystery substance that grew on the top of my Varathane can.  Now I have to repaint it as there are finger prints all over where I removed the mystery crap.  Sigh.............  My wine is now screaming.

I go to the kitchen to get paper towels.  You KNOW what happened right?  I am gone 4.6 seconds and S of S is sitting on the wet Varathane.  Now I have to clean her fur.  She LOVES that.  Jeez.  I hear my wine yelling my name.

So, I finish cleaning the little Spawn when she gives me... THE LOOK.  HEY!  I tells, WHO sat her furry butt in wet Varathane?  Hmmmm?  And WHO walked across it necessitating the cleaning of all 4 paws, too? Hmmmm, *I* did not plant my butt in wet Varathane.  Do NOT give me THE LOOK.  She stomps ff in a huff and can't figure out why I won't give her salmon treats.  I hear my wine uncorking itself.    :D


Kathi said...

ROFLMAOPMP. OMG Ipo, I saw the hold damn movie in my head as I was reading your story. the antics of our children.....they are fun. WAS the wine?

Gilly said...

Love your clay room, especially the colours, just gorgeous. Did S of S help with the wine too???

Terry said...

As Kathi said, and I tried to say earlier but couldn't get in, I was ROFLMAO reading the post. I could just see the whole episode unfolding.

Katie's Clay Corner said...

Hi! This was my first time visiting your blog, and I was laughing so hard it hurt! I have cats here like that and can totally see the whole thing playing out.....actually wrote a blog recently about crafting with kitties and how helpful they are! What lucky kitties to have their own playground!

Oh and btw....loved the black and white christmas ball!!! So pretty!! You should definitly make more of those!!

Nice to meet you.....stop by and visit sometime!