Saturday, September 27, 2008

New Paint

Yay!  Derek The Floor Dude arrived and, as always, did a magnificent job.  I LOVE my new floor.  And I painted.  Heh, heh.  BOY, did I paint.  I can hear several of you fainting from the bright color.  Get out the ammonia salts!  I LOVE this color.  Doesn't even look like the same room, does it?

But, all the empty wall space you see?  The Ever-Wonderful Charlie will be arriving in the next couple weeks to bring me my new custom cabinets he is making for me.  And my custom table. And the book cases.  What a guy.  He even measured one of my clay books so he could make certain that the shelves would be high enough to accommodate it.  My hero.  And, everything will have doors so as to be Kitty Proof.  He is making things all different heights so our kitties can run and jump all along the top of my cabinets.  Do you think those little ingrates will appreciate this?  Harrumph.

Then, I have to start painting all over again!  I have a lighter shade of the wall paint.  I am thinking I will do some faux.  Maybe sponging off?  What do you think? And make clay knobs and handles.  I can't wait until it's done.  Naturally, I will present you with pictures.

And I will have to sell tons of stuff to pay for it all!  If I have any more fun, I will be illegal.  :D


Caly's Jewelry Creations said...

Love the new flooring Moe...!!! How awesome for you...! The color reminds me of Fall...! Pumpkin spice...yum.
We did the faux sponging thing in one of our bathrooms. It had been painted bright was way too much color for such a small area, eyes were burned turning on the light in that room..! Anyway, sponged on a lighter color..wa-la! No more irreversible cornia damage..!
Good luck with your fauxing..!