Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Bruce Goes To A Party

Well, he's been an awfully good Wee Cow this year but we took him to a party last night.  And The Bruce was surprisingly well behaved.  I don't know why.  He knows all these people and is usually an awful pill but this time he was pretty good.  ;D  Here are some pictures of a fairly well behaved The Bruce.  Amazing.  :D
Oh nooooo! This glass is EMPTY!  We are not amused!
Well, ok, I'll have some cashews while they get me more champagne.  
Yay!  Sushi!  I LOVE sushi!
About time.  They filled up my glass, this sushi can wait.
Yum!  I love sukiyaki, too but they don't REALLY expect I can eat with these sticks, do they?
I'm telling you, this Wee Cow's days are numbered if he doesn't get his grubby little hooves outta my dinner!  But man, do I have cool jewelry, or what?  ;D
Joe and the Hunnibunni
The Chef having a little trouble with new fangled modern cameras.  :D


Beadwright said...

Great post. I love sushi and I CAN eat with those sticks. Tee hee hee
Love the cow and the jewelry.
Your photos are so cool.

LadySaotome said...

lol - Don't tell the Bruce - but he's adorable!

MoeArt said...

Hey Moon Sister! I can eat with hashi, too. Boy, after 33 years in Hawaii they'd run me outta town if I couldn't. But, they are bigger than The Bruce so he has trouble. Plus, he drinks all my champagne and falls over. :D

MoeArt said...

Don't worry Kat, I won't tell him. He's such a pill there'd be no living with him if he thought everybody else thought he was adorable. He was showing off his Christmas hat. :D He has a New Year's hat, too. ;D xoxo Merry Christmas to you!