Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Nicole's Blog and Jail Kitty

My new friend Nicole makes the BEST bead backing!  We're getting to be friends so Nicole kindly did a blog post on me on her blog.  Go have a look.  :)  Oops.  I got the link in the wrong place.  Computer Doofs R Us.  :D

And Jail Kitty.  Ipo, AKA Spawn of Satan, is a never ending source of fun photos.  I was out on the lanai taking pictures when SOS decided she wanted to mess around.  I find that I am loving the idea of Ipo in jail.  :D
Here is...what are these?  BARS??? think these can stop me??
And my favorite....Mommy!  I'll be good!  let me out!
Is she too cute for words, or what?  :d


Kathi said...

Omg, Ipo is being so cute. I am amazed you actually got her being cute!

MoeArt said...

Hee, every one in a while she will pose in cuteness. :) How's Cocoa?

Trina (Trina's Clay Creations) said...

What a cutie Ipo is!! :) On my way to check out Nicole's blog now! :)

MoeArt said...

Ipo says thank you! :) You'll love Nicole's blog. Pass her on if you know anyone who does bead weaving. Her backing really is the best stuff! xoxo